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My Mug I've been doing mercenary programming work for 16+ years. If you have a web or mobile app in mind but do not have the technical expertise to build it, you can contact me to do the job for you.

A Little Bit About Me

My collective years in information technology spans more than 20 years. I started out in 1992 as part of a small marketing team specializing in both turnkey and custom software solutions focusing on business applications. In 1997, I went on to doing multimedia authoring from 3D walkthroughs to interactive touchscreen applications. In 1998, I moved on to doing web design/devlopment for both local and international clients. Since then, I've handled all aspects of web development from setting up and administering web servers to coding database-driven web sites even all the way to internet marketing and SEO. And not too recently, I've added mobile app development to my skills set. With my diverse background, I have a great understanding of project requirements from both business and technical perspectives. This makes me an ideal person to hire for any web and/or mobile projects.

Skills & Services



PHP is the most popular scripting language in use. It is the backbone of many dynamic web sites. Even content management systems like Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal use PHP. If you have a requirement for a dynamic web site done in PHP, I may be able to help.



Another popular scripting language for web development. Whether PHP is better than Perl (or vice versa), fact remains that I have yet to discover a single thing that Perl can't do. If big name companies like Amazon, Google, Craigslist and lot more are still using it, I'm not writing this language off just yet.



MySQL is the world's most popular open source database. It is the database of choice for web applications because of its high performance, high reliability and ease of use. With strong background in PHP and in Perl, I can custom develop a database-driven web site using either language.



Unknown to many, Wordpress is not just for blogs. It's a full-blown content management system with a huge base of contrbuting developers for themes and plugins. You can literally do anything with it. And that's why I always recomend it to my clients. Need a custom Wordpress theme developed? Talk to me.



HTML5 is the latest edition of HTML - which is essentially the very core of every site on the internet. With HTML5, I can help add interactive media, audio and video to your site without the use of 3rd party plugins making them viewable on any browser on any device.

Linux Server Admin


If you're tired of mediocre shared hosting accounts that's making your web site lag or worse, unreachable, then it's time to get your own dedicated smart server. I have more than 10 years experience in managing Linux servers and I can help manage yours.

Mobile Apps


Nearly everyone now carries a mobile device that is capable of running browser-based and native apps. This is why companies are taking their presence to the mobile platform. Let me help mobile-ize your web presence so your business stays competitive.

SEO & Marketing


With nearly everyone already present on the web, it's almost impossible to stand out. While I don't profess to be a guru in this area of discipline, I've had quite a bit of experience managing various web sites and successfully putting them on major search engines.

Projects: Recent and Not-So-Recent

  • offers a collection of shareable images that bear gentle reminders of is now a dwindling (if not already dying) value and principle - common courtesy. This project involved the development of a custom Wordpress theme from scratch.

  • Positive Gallery

    Positive Gallery's goal is simple: to spread inspiration, love, kindness, and all things positive by way of shareable images. A custom Wordpress theme was developed from scratch for this web site.

  • hosts a small curated collection of quick and easy-to-follow recipes. The responsive Wordpress theme used here was designed and custom developed from scratch.

  • Momentum Global

    Momentum Global is a social cause-funding platform that empowers international communities to join together through specialized Projects to BE the Impact. This project was done in collaboration with Ryan Prast of Praidis Media.

  • Len Peralta

    Artist Len Peralta's quirky, offbeat style has become synonymous with geek culture. He's the guy behind online art projects such Monster By Mail, 50 vs 50, FlipFace and Geek-a-Week. I have been a fan of his art style and work, so it was sheer pleasure getting the chance to work on his web site.

  • Butler Rambusch Interior Design

    For more than ten years, Butler Rambusch has worked with clients to create unique blends of fabric, color and furniture, resulting in stylish and elegant interiors. This project was in collaboration with Hayday Marketing.

  • TPN Inc. Yearbook Project

    TPN is a brand-centric retail marketing agency with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago. This version of the company's yearbook project is done on Wordpress with custom plugins developed to suit their unique requirements.

  • Spring Street Digital

    Spring Street Digital is an NJ-based company that specializes in providing a full range of digital support to advertising and marketing agencies. They have done work for companies like Southwest Airlines, Intel, Pfizer, Rockport, and many other global brands. I developed their new one-page site on Wordpress.

  • Mahima Bags

    Mahima Bags was born out to provide hope and opportunity to the women living in the slums of Kolkata, India. It provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for women to learn new skills, provide for their family, and improve their lives. The Women of Mahima are also provided a healthy environment in which women can come to guide, mentor, and support each other. The purpose is to bring hope to the hopeless, while creating outstanding products to our customers.

    The Mahima Bags e-commerce web site is custom developed using Wordpress as the platform and intergrated with Paypal's payment system. This project was in collaboration with Praidis Media.

  • The Maritime Training Center of the Philippines

    The Maritime Training Center of the Philippines, Inc. (TMTCP) is an educational institution to train Filipino seafarers to exercise efficiency in operation and safety in navigation for national fleets and foreign ships. Their new web site was done on Wordpress with custom Course Schedules and Job Posting plugins developed for the organization's unique requirements. Design was done by Lizza Gutierrez.

  • - Xtreme Stripes allows customers to design their own unique side stripe graphics. The Xtreme Stripes section makes use of AJAX, PHP, and MySQL to enable customers to select from a wide array of design choices and prize them instantly based on the customer's size inputs. The Xtreme Stripes script is integrated to the company's shopping cart script.

  • Maximum Impact Ministries

    Maximum Impact Ministries is a non-profit tax-exempt Christian organization that was founded in 1998 by Pastor Abraham John. He is an internationally known-speaker and author.

    The Maximum Impact Ministries e-commerce web site is custom developed using Wordpress as the platform and intergrated with Paypal's payment system. This project was in collaboration with Praidis Media.

  • The Responsive Page Tester

    Whenever I'm asked to develop a custom responsive website template, it's a must to test it on various resolutions. Most browsers allow developers to accomplish that but not on a single view. So I came up with a quickie idea to help myself and this is the result. I also thought it would be cool to let other developers/designers benefit from its existence, so I put it up online.

  • Beacon Healthcare Communications

    Beacon Healthcare is a full-service, privately held communications agency that offers strategic, creative, and digital services for marketing products to healthcare professionals, consumers/patients, managed markets, and other key targets.

    I was hired to develop the site using Wordpress.

  • Petra Gallerie

    PETRA GALLERIE is an art gallery located in Beverly Hills, CA. It was inspired to focus one's intent on the love of art, design and the spirit of creating. Building alliances with local talent and entrepreneurs, PETRA's goals range from celebrating life to conceptualizing self sustaining communities using art as the foundation.

    Owners John and Nick Felix needed help re-designing and re-launching their old site. I was hired to build one for them using Wordpress and migrating much of their legacy data from another CMS to the new, responsive web site.

  • Binka Bites

    Binka Bites is an adventurous, new gourmet cupcake product made of fun & exotic ingredients crafted by Le Cordon Bleu Chef Jo Ongsiako, based in California's Silicon Valley.

    The Binka Bites web site is built with Wordpress and uses a custom one-page, responsive layout. It includes a custom order page that is intergrated with Paypal's online payment system.

  • TPN Inc. Yearbook Project

    TPN is a brand-centric retail marketing agency with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago. They needed a custom personnel directory program for all their employees across the United States. The custom program enabled admin users to upload/edit employee data/photos and post them in location-specific albums. It also features an office layout grid which allowed users to pinpoint exactly where in the building a certain employee's office is located. The project is for the company's internal use only and thus cannot be viewed publicly.

  • The Promotion Network, Inc.

    TPN Inc. is a brand-centric retail marketing agency with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago. Prior to my involvement, their web site was built on a custom CMS which proved to be very difficult to use and maintain. I was hired to convert the site to Wordpress without losing the look-and-feel of the old design. Wordpress was the chosen platform because of its ease of use for both the site admin and the company's content authors. Both web and mobile sites are now running smoothly on Wordpress.

  • Inanimate Objects

    Since around 2004, I've been admiring Cason Pilliod's custom toys which he showcases on his Inanimate Objects web site. So when the idea of revamping his web site to a CMS in time for its 10th year anniversary came up, no way was I going to let the opportunity pass. Cason wanted to preserve the old comic book feel of the site but at the same time make use of modern tools to help him manage contents more efficiently (he used to code every page by hand). Of course, Wordpress was the recommended solution. I helped translate Cason's design mock-ups into a custom responsive Wordpress theme.

  • Hit Productions

    Hit Productions is the Philippines' top supplier of sound and voice talent for advertising. Over the past two decades, they have created the music and sound for literally thousands of radio and TV ads for both Philippine and international clients. This web site was built on Wordpress and done in collaboration with Lizza's Room.

  • Iron Cow Productions

    Artist extraordinaire Matt "Iron-Cow" Cauley needed help troubleshooting his new Wordpress site to figure out why it was loading very slow. I managed to determine the cause and fix it. I also successfully moved the site away from an old shared hosting set-up to a robust dedicated server.

  • Ripplemakers Inc.

    Ripplemakers, Inc. (formerly known as Layaco Media) is a promotional video production company that caters to successful businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Both web and mobile sites were built on a custom Wordpress template. Graphics design was done by Lizza Gutierrez.

  • Mile High Luxury Team

    Jackie Garcia and her Mile High Luxury Team are specialists in high-end real estate. She needed a web site that will reflect the level of professional services she and her team offers as well as showcase the luxury properties she has in her listings. The site is built on Wordpress with a custom theme developed from the ground up (in collaboration with Praidis Media).

  • Executive Surety Bonds

    This project required me to custom build a responsive theme (for Wordpress, of course) following the design made by Hayday Marketing.

  • Adventure Kids Playcare

    I was hired to help the owners of Adventure Kids Playcare re-code their homepage. The old version was done in Dreamweaver with the images sliced up into table cells. Over the years, updates to the homepage done by different people meant editing the sliced-up images and then retro-fitting back to the old layout. This caused a lot of misaligned elements as well as browser incosistencies. I rewrote the code using purely HTML and CSS which resulted in cleaner and faster-loading homepage that is viewable on all browsers.

  • Article City

    Article City was a project that I developed back in 2001. Little did I know back then that it would become one of the largest and most popular free article directories on the web. In 2010, I relinquished ownership of the site and sold it to a new management. It still is one of the busiest free article repositories today.

  • Hayday Marketing

    Hayday is a marketing company based in Chester, New Jersey. They are composed of professionals with decades of experience servicing some of the worlds most admired companies. I developed a custom Wordpress template for their company web site based on their design.

  • Action Figure Insider Galleries

    Daniel Pickett and Jason Geyer (co-founders of Action Figure Insider) needed technical help to figure out what was causing their dedicated server to intermittently bog down. One of the key causes I found was a dated image gallery script they were using that hogged server resources. So I fixed that by writing a custom image gallery in PHP + MySQL which was very lightweight and easy to administer.

  • hired me to develop an online decal design tool that would allow their customers to input text into a web form, select options such as colors, font, textures, drop-shadows, and then generate a preview of the decal before they purchase it. It is tightly integrated with an off-the-shelf shopping cart software (which I also modified per the client's specificatins).

  • Geek Shall Inherit

    When my good friend Daniel Pickett needed a new web site for his weekly podcast about anything and everything pop culture, I couldn't say no. This unique podcast gives fans insight into the how and why of the action figure world as well as catch them up with many other aspects of the pop culture universe. The web and mobile sites were developed using Wordpress, HTML5 and CSS.

  • Pinoy Sunday - Classifieds

    Pinoy Sunday is a film by Wi Ding Ho which tells the story of two Filipino migrant workers, Manuel and Dado, who discover a discarded sofa. This transforms their normal Sunday into a tale of adventure, perseverance and self-discovery. The owner of the site wanted to spin-off a classifieds section that will cater to Filipinos who are based in Taiwan. This was done with the help of Geodesic Solutions.

  • The Action Figure Hub

    The Action Figure Hub is news and blog site catering to adult collectors of action figures and related toys, mostly of the super hero and pop icon genre. The site is built on Wordpress with a custom theme and features mobile posting which allowed contributing writers to post photos and articles using their cell phones and/or mobile devices.